Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spending time with the girls...

I am trying hard to think about the kids individual needs. Yes, they are all the Kuehners', but each one of us has an individual personality. I am going to try and make an effort to take one child on any errands that I can, so they can have some more one on one time.

Lydia starts begindergarten on Monday and she won't be home everyday all day like she was before. So I decided we needed to do something together today. The girls and I returned to the Toledo Zoo today (yes that's 2 times this week). It was exhausting, but worth it to watch the girls play in the different areas. We packed our lunch and ate at the Little People tables in the Fisher Price area. They drove me crazy...and that was nothing new. But we had a good time!!!

The goal was to see the baby polar bear that we missed seeing on Sunday due to the crowds. We were successful!! I couldn't get a good picture of him, because the fence was in the way, but we got to watch him play with a ball and swim. We stopped in his area twice to watch him. The zoo has a wonderful informational interactive exhibit for the North. You can learn about Eskimo tribes and what life in like in the Arctic Circle. This is one of the exhibits. Caty was not happy to be posing with this bear....she thought he was going to get her. But part of this building is glass and you can see the seals and polar bears while they are swimming. She did think it was sooo cool when the harbor and grey seals were swimming right in front of her!

When we got home, they wanted to swim. I was able to hold them off a bit since I was sooo tired. But eventually they wanted in, so swimming Joey, Lydia and Caty went. Of course that is when they decided to come and fix my dishwasher. And in the end, we had happy and tired children and I still do not have a dishwasher. Go figure.

I am trying to keep positive. But feel drained...I think I have developed a sinus infection. Uggghh, go figure.

Tomorrow I have some PTO responsiblities, and Lydia has a reading test at the school. We are going to do some recycling also. I also am going to order the boys new Math curriculum. At the annual Not Back to school Picnic with our homeschool group, I heard about a math software/workbook combination that sounded perfect for Brayden. He is such a math hound!! I tried the Teaching Textbook website and really love the software. Can't wait till we can start it!!

Sweet Dreams to's time for sleep:)