Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why do kids do that?!?!

So Lydia has had two years of preschool. I have been working with her all summer to make sure she doesn't forget anything before she starts school. So what does she do today when she went in for her Kindergarten test.....she tells them the only letters she knows are in her name. Oh and Z! I was like...WHAT!!! She didn't do very well at all! I was so upset!

But on a brighter note, I guess we just keep working. Which when we got home, we played a upper/lower case match game. She matched them fine at home. She told me almost all the letters. Go figure!

I officially ordered some new math curriculum for the boys. They took the placement test and we are going to be using Teaching Textbooks for Math. Seems like such an awesome program, and I am sooo excited to get to use it. For History/social Studies we are going to be working on the early United States history and Explorers. Except we are going to start a small unit on a time period around castles. The Indianapolis Children Museum have units available online to enjoy. We are going to use the one on castles/knights. It's a Lego unit. It'll take us up to the point of Christopher Columbus. So we are excited. I will be able to include language arts lessons along with this unit. The only CORE subject not covered is Math, at least at the boys level. I checked out a bunch of books from the library to help us out. We're going to start in two weeks.

I folded laundry all evening. Made sure clothes were put away. Now I am making the weekend list of chores. Why does laundry seem to pile up so bad? I never seem to be able to get ahead. Between that and the dishes I feel as if I will never get ahead.

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening:)


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