Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Playing Catch up…

It has been a long month since I posted last. We have been to Nashville, Tennessee for a couple weeks. Just trying to keep up with the kids schooling and my hubby's schooling is driving me crazy also. There's cleaning, cooking, laundry, lesson plans, organizing, field trip planning, grocery shopping….the list just keeps going on and on. I will try and keep up posting again on a regular basis, even if the post is not long.

Just this week so far, we went to Fort Meigs in Perrysburg, Ohio. Helped a dear friend with some computer problems, been to Occupational Therapy, Caty's music class, and a field trip to Country Lane Farms in Genoa, Ohio. The boys had a soccer tournament over the weekend in Delaware, Ohio (their team placed 2nd in their division)! Between all this, we also have to keep up schooling (even though we are going on educational field tripsJ!!

Here's a couple picks from our very cold walking tour of Fort Meigs, built in 1813 in Northwest Ohio.


We were also able to reflect back to our unit on Castles and Knights. We could see a very good example of how our forts compared to the medieval structures.


We had a wonderful time yesterday at Country Lane Farms Tour. The kids were able to feed alpacas, donkeys, a reindeer, fallow deer, goats, and sheep. They were able to hold a duckling and chick. And Joey even milked a cow! We had a really fun time, exhausting, but fun. We saw the cutest pot belly pig also.



One of my favorite things of the day was a discovery in the pumpkin patch. On our way to the farm, the boys and I were discussing how worker bees collect pollen. I explained how the pollen sticks to the bee's furry legs. They then fly back to the hive and it gets knocked off in there. While searching for Brayden's pumpkin, we discovered a broken flower. When I was showing the boys the parts of the flower, I discovered a bee inside. You can see the pollen sticking to its furry legs!! I thought how wonderful to find such an awesome example for the kids to look at.


Today was rather boring. We went to the library and talked about Alabama with our friend Amelia. We are going to talk about a state a week for the remainder of the school year with our friend. I have to keep the lessons short and to the point. I made a notebook for each one of them. I will have printouts for each state. I highlighted facts and something fun about the state. I included word searches and coloring pages also. Next week we will be talking about Alaska and the animals that live there.

When we got home though, it was discovered that the main television in the house had broken. We really need that television. We use Netflix for school and watch a lot of educational movies we get from the library. So we made a quick trip to Walmart to purchase the new television we were hoping to not have to purchase until at least March. GO Figure!! But the new television is nice and the TV from the living room is now hanging in our room. Apparently it is able to work somewhat. So we are enjoying this tonight while catching up on our favorite season shows from the last couple weeks. We are always behind on series shows.

Really tired tonight, will post more tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!!

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