Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brain fog....

Alright, they say that people with fibromyaliga suffer from brain fog. What you might say!! Brain Fog?!?! I found it hard to believe to. But over the last week, I have begun experiencing the worst case of brain fog. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with fibro. I have good and bad days, but this week is the kicker! I have trouble just thinking about whether or not to put shoes on the kids when we leave the house or whether to put butter in the mashed potatoes.

I literally have been falling asleep while working in the evening on my computer. I am ssooooo tired right now. That I am making a very short post and realizing that I will not have any trouble falling asleep tonight.

Too bad we have so much that I need to sit down and plan for this week. But anyway...more tomorrow. Tomorrow Caty and Lydia are having a princess kitty tea party with their friend Amelia and their cousing Bryce. The brain fog tonight caused me to destroy a batch of gluten free sugar cookies!!! Normally not an issue but figure the flour cost about $4.00, butter $2.00, and so forth. Ugghhh!! Very frustrating.

Sleep tight all!

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