Saturday, October 9, 2010

Playing catch up…

We have done so many interesting things lately. Today we planned on picking apples, but it was sooo warm outside I was afraid the bees would be swarming too bad. The kids, especially the boys, hate bees. The thought of it makes them go almost into a meltdown. So we ran errands instead today. Since Lydia is having a tea party on Monday, we decided to run and get decorations. And she needed new tennis shoes. Oh and Joey has decided he would like to try archery. So off to Target, Bass Pro and Shoe Sensation we went. Errands used to be so much easier with only 1 child. With 4 and the fact that we have to drive an hour to get to a good store, it makes it very hard.

We did find a beginner bow set for Joey and Brayden. The girls have princess party decorations and Lydia has new tennis shoes. I even splurged and bought myself a new pair today! I got a cool pair of those Skecher Shape-ups…the next generation. They look more like normal tennis shoes, the sole isn't as high as previous models. I wore them for only an hour tonight, and could I feel it in my leg muscles already. They are extremely comfortable!!

We came home and watched a couple movies and took it easy. Joe did run and grab a couple things for us at Walmart. Tomorrow I need to get up and bake cookies (gluten-free) for the party on Monday. Caty has music class in the morning before the tea party, so I won't have time then. Joe wants to go to Cedar Point tomorrow also. Should be a busy day….

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