Friday, November 5, 2010

Fire Safety Day

Well it is a little late for this, considering Fire Safety Month is October, but this was the soonest we could get an appointment at the Fire Museum in Toledo.

Fireman Mel gave us a wonderful presentation about having a safe meeting spot, how important smoke alarms are, what to do if we find matches/cigarette lighter, and how to exit our homes in a safe manner in case of a fire.

We had a group of almost 30!!

Caty loved twirling around this pole.  As all the kids did!

Showing us a pumper truck from the mid-1800s.

Do you know why Dalmatians are the "symbol" of firefighters?  We learned today that a horse will listen to a dalmatian dog.  That is why they were used by fire departments.  They would put a dog on each side of the truck and the dogs would guide the horses where they needed to go.

 An actual uniform worn by a firefighter.  He was actually injured wearing this uniform.  Fireman Mel explained that uniforms need to be replaced every couple years due to the stress from the heat.  If they are not, the fireman can suffer severe burns.  That is what happened to this person.

 Different helmets from over the years.
 Air Pack
 Old hose wagon.
 Jed's Room is a wonderful training resource for children to learn what to do if a fire happens while they are asleep.  They can practice even using a small ladder.  There is also smoke that they used to simulate how smoke rises and leaves a clearer space at the floor level. 

 Sparky the Fire Pup.
 An original Toledo Fire Department uniform from the 1920s.

They have two hallways of patches from different fire departments from around the world

They had a short pole the kids could try to slide down.

Out of 12 shots I never got one that didn't have at least one kids blurred in it.  Not a good day for pictures!

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