Friday, November 5, 2010

What happened the first week of November?

Well it was another busy week.  We actually spent half the week at home though...which is an oddity! 

In Geography we visited China and built a model of the Great Wall of China.  We read facts of China and even read about what a day is like for children in China.  We ate homemade chinese food and learned about some animals from this country.  We know where China is on our globe.  We also learned that dragons are a symbol of power. 

In Math we finished off our first computer disk of Teaching Textbooks and practiced some more on graphs.  I didn't get pictures of it, but we used M&Ms and Starburst candies to create bar graphs.  Next week we need to work some more on 

In Science we have started talking more about plants and what seeds need to grow into plants.  We received some grass seeds from one of our Flat Stanley Swaps over the summer.  So we planted those.

I really wanted one of those root-view growing planters, but could not justify the $30 price tag.  So I cleaned out a 2 liter bottle and made sure we could see some of the seeds in the viewable area.

We will continue our plant unit in science and observing our seeds.  We are keeping them in the light and watering them daily.  We are learning more about plant parts and what they are responsible for doing to keep the plant alive and growing.  We may try the carnatian experiment next week if I can find white carnatians.

We continued to learn about Joseph and how his brothers told lies when they sold him for 20 silver pieces.  We watched the Joseph cartoon again after reading the story from our Bible Story books again.  Next week we are going to continue talking about him and what happened with Potipher's wife and how Joseph was able to keep faith under all the trials that he was enduring.

I read some awesome ideas in teaching spelling, and since it is a weak subject for Brayden, we are going to try some the things I read about.  I also am going to work on getting their work boxes ready again for next week.  We didn't use them this week and things were a bit chaotic.


  1. I love that you reused the 2-liter bottles instead of buying the planters. How thrifty!!

  2. Hi There I just passed on a blog award to you. Check out my blog for details. Have fun with it.