Saturday, November 13, 2010

Geocaching and letterboxing adventure

Well we have been wanting to try this new adventure for a while, and it never failed that something came up and we couldn't do it.  Today is one of the last good weather (and warm) days of the year, so we embarked on our journey to "treasure hunt" or geocache. 

If you are not familiar with it, geocaching is when you use a GPS to find caches that people have buried in locations around the world.  The caches can hold little trinkets or "treasures" as our kids called them.  You exchange out a trinket for tricket that is in the box.  I went on to and picked out four locations and printed out the coordinates.  We only got to two today, since this was our first day and we were using a cell phone GPS our first cache took us a little bit longer than we anticipated. 

Lydia checking out what trinket she was going to trade.

On to our next cache site.....Yes that is my hubby trampling around the river bank.  We were using his GPS on his phone and he was still learning to use it.  Turns out the box was not at the bottom of the bank, but at the top:
 You can see the clear box next to the little rock toward the bottom of the picture.

Lydia again got the privilege of opening the box, the boys were being their usual selves, but we kept going anyway.

So then we headed to Perrysburg to try Letterboxing.  We started out at the 577 Foundation. 

It was hidden in the Bird Blind.

Look outside the Bird Blind and the squirrels and chipmunks were "stocking" up.

Filling out the journals.

Brayden filled one out too.  He was quicker than I could snap a picture.

Then we went off to Orleans Park to go off on our next scavenger hunt.  This was quite a little trail to go along.
 We went down by the Maumee River and back up to the park.

Then we spotted the tree with 7 trunks........

Counted our 9 steps back toward the river.......

And Lydia found the journal envelope.

Our Letterboxing Journal.....

Our very first Letterboxing Stamp!!!

And there were plenty of leaves for Lydia to throw in the air!!!!

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