Thursday, November 25, 2010

Little Green Frogs

We visited South Korea over the past week.  We read a really cool Korean folk tale about 2 little green frogs that NEVER listened to their mom.  Even her last wish was not honored because of their mischieveousness.  It was a fun tale showing the importance of listening to our parents.  I don't really think they were listening...again:)  I asked them, "Do you want to be little green frogs, or humans?"

Korea was known for its fine metals and the fine crowns and jewels that the royalty wore.  So we made crowns out of "jewels" and pre-cut crowns I found at the Dollar Tree.  We found the craft in Global Art, a wonderful collection of art from around the world!  In the end the jewels kept falling off our crowns, not sure why.  But they were still very pretty.

We stamped our passports and watched some tourism videos on YouTube.  I have a new found love of  We have been able to find tourism videos for all of our countries so far on there.  Of course, I am the one searching and previewing to make sure there is no inappropriate content.  We also found videos on learning the language in most of the countries, including simple counting.

We did a copywork assignment on 6 different animals of South Korea.  Then we classified them on our animal wall.

The flag of South Korea.

We did not have our South Korean meal.  It just didn't happen this week.  Did you know that South Koreans love potato salad and it is very simple to make the favorite style of dish.  They include pear and apples in their salad with mayo.  Sounds good, our kids probably won't enjoy it.  I will be making a small batch of the potato salad to go with our lunch one day next week.  Dad and I will enjoy it!!! 

Next week we will be studying Japan.  I have the menu planned already for next week.  A Japanese style of a chicken nugget with a sweet potato side dish.

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