Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Monday...extra kid day:)

We had a visitor that came over to play with us on Monday.  Our little friend...we'll call him Little Man.  The kids were so excited!!  Little Man is 17 months and a ball of curiosity.  So we did several little projects throughout the day. 

This was also the first day of our new workbox program.  This will take some getting used to and I will post more on how we are doing it later.  This seems to be working well for us, and Brayden really likes having a checklist to remind him of what he is supposed to be doing everyday.  Lydia liked her checklist also, even though she couldn't read it yet.  I should have used more pictures on hers.  But I was getting very tired when this part of the new system was being created. 

This post is a few of the things we done with Little Man.

We made rainmakers with paper towel tubes and plastic wrap.  We used rice and beans to make different sounds in the tubes and in empty prescription bottles.  We also used the homemade "maracas" to play our toy drums.  It really made the sound different!

Filling our tubes....they knocked over the bag of rice.

Little Man loving his Thomas rainstick.  It was fun.

We used clothes pins to pick up fuzzy pom poms. 

And then I lost my mind.....yep.  I put the bowl of rice and beans out to play in.  We hid play food, pom poms and other little tiny items in the bowl and took turns finding things.

We stirred, dumped and eventually started throwing the mixture.  Yep at the throwing stage I took the bowl away.  They were bored then.

I used my hand (broom) and a piece of cardboard cut from a cereal box (dustpan) to keep the mess under control and just kept dumping it back into the they could dump it back out again.

Allowing this mess brought every OCD I have about a clean living room floor right up.  But I remained calm and had the mini vac next too mee the whole time.  They loved this though, and played more than an hour before we put the mixture up.