Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fall walk by the river.

 The Caty, the boys and I went on a fall nature walk, while we still had leaves, along the Maumee River.  You can tell it's early because there is still a beautiful haze over the river.

I love this shot of Bug.

We also went to another Park where you can actually walk across most of the river if we haven't had a lot of rain.

I liked this picture of the boys also.

Of course it was very hard for Caty to walk on the stones, and then on top of this she was wearing her new shoes.  Talk about cringing while watching her walk in mud in a pair of Skechers Twinkle Toes!

We took a few moments to enjoy the small beauties in nature.

And amazed at the height of the trees towering over us.

And even how tiny some leaves can be.  Bug said we had to get a picture of this little leaf.  He liked it.

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