Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lapbook giveaway from Hands of a Child

Last year I started reading about Lap books.  I was a little confused, but decided to try them.  We have done a few in the past year.  Some of them in traditional Lap book format in file folders and some of them just in a folder or 3 ring binder.  When I do them in a binder we are able to add extra information and reports.

One of my favorite places to purchase lap book materials is Hands of a Child

They run some wonderful specials, and you can't beat their $5.00 lapbook specials.  They also offer a free lapbook, that changes every few months. 

Music Appreciation Project Pack
Music Appreciation Pack

I recently purchased their Music Appreciation pack, and the lovely thing about their project packs is you can adjust how you complete the unit.  It comes with a suggested time frame to complete the unit in, and even has a guide you can follow.  You can complete lap books in a week.   We have chosen to break this one down to a much longer period and only complete one activity a week.  Each unit comes with a suggested reading list that you can chose from.  This unit features 6 different composers, different ways we can make music, different kinds of musical instruments, etc.  It is definitely meeting all of our needs for a music class for the final semester of school.

Lessons can be purchased from Pre-k through high school.  But I like the fact that I can use one unit to teach across the board.  I just adjust for each child's learning level.  We are using the Music Appreciation unit for Kindergarten to 4th grade. 

*Completely laid out lesson plan.
*Ability to adjust the lesson plan to our family's needs.
*All templates provided for each activity.
*All information is provided to complete each activity.  This includes vocabulary lists with definitions.
*You can order packs to be printed and shipped to you or just order the ebook version and download immediately.  You only print what you want to then.

***I have noooo cons for this unit.  Or any other unit that I have purchased in the past year.  The only issue you may have is if you do not have a good printer (and you order the ebook versions), make sure you print in Fast Draft printing mode.  We are using an older printer right now since my good one broke down, and it doesn't print as well. 

After Redoing their website.....Hands of a Child is prepping for the release of the 400th Project Pack release Party!!! It's going to be a huge celebration!! 

They are going to generously be giving away this pack to one of our readers.  Here is how to enter:

*Visit Hands of a Child and come back to our blog and post a list of your 5 favorite project packs you would like to get. 

Extra entries:
*  Follow our blog using a reader.
*  Follow us on email.
*  Subscribe to their newsletter.

Please leave an individual post for each entry.  A reader will be chosen at random.

**Free bundle packs include a printed Project Pack, Kit Pack, and Answer Key
(when available) which will be mailed to your winner when the drawing is
completed. This is a $40 value with EVERYTHING covered by us, including
shipping!  Hands of a Child will be mailing the project pack to you upon release.


  1. Great give away I am already a follower:)
    I love Hands of a child stuff I buy lots of thier stuff:)

  2. 5 bundle pack we would love to have would be
    Solar system
    Underground railroad
    Ocean and

  3. we would like to try the following:
    Airplanes, Solar System, Botany, the five senses project pack, a little house in the woods project pk.

    contact kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  4. im following you on networkedblogs, I couldn't get the other to load?? odd anyway! xoxo
    contact kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  5. I have the email subscription link fixed. I don't know what happened. I must have copied the wrong html link.

  6. I have never heard of them and am off to check out the website, Very cool Renita

  7. I love HOAC! My top five wish listed items are:

    1 - The Holocaust
    2 - Ancienct India
    3 - Summary & Review of American History - Modern
    4 - Declaration of Independence
    5 - Great Painters of the World.


  8. My top five:
    1. The Anglo-Saxons
    2. The Norman Conquest
    3. The Romans in Britain
    4. The Renaissance
    5. The Middle Ages


  9. My top five:
    1. A Little House in the Woods
    2. Ancient Egypt
    3. Dinosaurs
    4. Blueberry Sal
    5. Madeline of Paris


  10. I am subscribed to their newsletter.