Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fancy Nancy - Family Tree

Lydia loves Fancy Nancy books.  Last week we were able to attend a Fancy Nancy event at our local library.  All the little girls were in their most fabulous outfits and to learn more fancy tips.  These are some shots from the library.

The girls had to try and walk with a book on their head in a relay race style.  At the other end they put on a hat and rings and had to pass them back to the next person.

They decorated crowns.

Decorated cupcakes and had pink punch.

For our Fancy Nancy book this week, we read Fancy Nancy My Family History.   We created a family tree and then we wrote a small report about our great-grandparents.  Once sentence about each one.  Lydia learned that the great-grandmother that she is named after loved to bake bread and was a missionary in Chile.  She learned Great-grandpa Waldo worked for Heinz.  She learned Great-Grandpa John was a logger in Virginia.  And his wife Great-grandma Evelyn used to decorate pretty cakes.  She also had another name, her name was Minnie Evelyn and she hated the name Minnie.  But we like it.  She learned that on dad's side, Grandpa Charles and Grandma Hope had 2 kids and they both worked in factories.  Great-Grandpa Roger died an early death and Great-grandma Marcielle took care of her family.  Great-grandpa Joseph and Great-Grandma Lenore had seven children.

It was fun.  We are going to do another Fancy Nancy project next week, but not sure yet.  Still in the planning stages:)

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