Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Joey will be doing on Monday.....

Here's my file box that I organize the week's activities in.  A folder for each child and each day of the week.  I agree this makes the evening switchout  sooo much easier!!  It takes me a couple hours on the weekend to get ready for the next week.  I make the boy's planner in Word and just open the previous weeks.  For them the longest time is making copies and creating their worksheets for spelling and OT activities in ABC Teach.

Drawer 1 is our continued lesson on Joseph.  Tomorrow we will talk about how Joseph prepares for the famine.  We really like the Bible Study Guide for all ages.  The kids enjoy the worksheets and we use them along with our Bible.

Next is Math.  We love Teaching Textbooks!!!  There is so much review with each lesson.  They are working on long subtraction and addition and fractions. 

Next is a word search of their spelling words.  The words are easy for Joey, but due to handwriting difficulties their therapist felt it better to take him back a little. 

Free reading is next.  We got this great list from the library of book suggestions if kids like Diary of Wimpy kid books.  He loves Dave Pilkey books, the diary books and Big Nate.  He seemed to like this one too.  Joey speed reads....can read a big chapter book in no time.  He can go through 2 a week, when I make him slow down.  He can read all the diary books in one week.  I just don't know how he does it.

I found these at a Homeschool Resource sale.  Love them!!!  They are a little confusing to get started with, but once you figure the tiles out, it's a great visual perception activity.  They have math, language arts and science books for up to grade 5 at least.  From Discovery Toys.

For social skills, we do this as a Health class, we found these great dvds that the kids can use for Role playing.  There are workbooks available also.  A bit pricey, but so far I have really liked the products.  They are made by Model Me Kids.  

Language arts---Parts of speech is next.  We are working our way through the many layers of confusing rules.  Currently we are using a Harcourt Brace workbook.

I found these great grid puzzles on ABCteach.  This is a great visual perception activity. 

For geography this week, we are steering away from Expedition Earth because it's World Travelers Club week.  The countries that are being studied this week are Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.  I spent yesterday creating worksheets for the countries.  We also have animal copywork and animals to place on our classficiation wall.  We are still working on their projects for this Friday.  Only Lydia knows for sure what she is doing.

For science this week, we were able to get an interactive unit from Simple Schooling.  We were working on the human body, but when I saw the link for this great online unit I decided to put muscles and joints off for a week.

Brayden's box is very similar to this one.  They actually do alot of the same subjects just at a very slightly different level.  Makes my life easier with the boys.

Have a great week!

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