Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First LEGO club meeting

We have some talented kids in our homeschooling group!!  Today was our first LEGO club meeting.  I wanted to find a club that Joey and Brayden would enjoy that didn't involve playing a video game.  Our group doesn't currently have a LEGO club, so we started one!  This month, since we have such a wide range of ages and skills, we brought a creation already made of a favorite character from a show or book.  You can tell my boys love Pokemon right now.  (I really wonder by kids with autism are so drawn to this series.  Thomas the train, Disney's Cars, Bakugan, and Pokemon.  I just don't understand.)

Poke' Ball
Lydia wanted to build Rapunzel.  Notice her long hair!
Brayden's creation was a form of Pikachu.

And this was the rest of our group.
Cookie Monster

Star Wars cruisers

Greg from The Wimpy Kid series

A Hot Wheels Truck

It's Ferb!!!
We plan on meeting once a month.  In January we will be building houses with icicles and snowmen in the yard.  Everyone will bring their own LEGO board and a box of blocks.  We will work at keeping them separate.  I want to let the kids choose their own theme each month.  It will make it more exciting for them.  But SHHHHHH...don't tell them that it's actually educational.  LEGOs are great for fine motor skills and visual perception skills!!! 

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