Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sensory week.

Our youngest child has sensory issues that she has been receiving therapy for.  Well as I am blog hopping around reading about all these awesome ideas for kids, I keep reading about sensory tubs.  So I put one together for her.  By the way, this link has some AWESOME ideas.

Our tub has instant potato flakes, white rice and cut up sparkly garland.  I dug out some of Caty's arctic animals to play with in the snow.  The girls kept running to their room and getting out new friends to bury in the snow and make snow angels.  We also have some pine cones to make trees out of.  I am going to buy some hot cocoa this weekend and make one up that they need to dig and find all the mini-marshmallows.  They will love that!!

Caty's got a little nuts today with the spoon.  We had to redirect away from the tub because she thought it was funny to dump the snow.

Our friend David was visiting again!  We tried to make snowflakes out of cooked spaghetti.  I saw this craft before and cannot find it now.  Basically you dip the cooked and cooled noodles in glue.  Shape them to resemble snowflakes and add glitter while they are still wet.  Our snowflakes stuck to the wax paper.  The girls had fun playing with the slimey noodles!

It's a good thing I got glitter on clearance at Michaels for 25 cents a package.  I turned my back and the girls went crazy with sparkles.

I was able to get one snowflake off the paper.  It was cool looking and plenty sparkley!!

If you decide to try this, dry the noodles on paper towel for a few moments.  It will make a difference in the glue sticking to the noodles or not.

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