Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hands of a Child Lapbook Giveaway....

We are giving away the 400th lapbook creation from In the Hands of A Child

What is a Lapbook Project Pack?
A Lapbook Project Pack contains both the activities and the lesson plans, or research guide, needed to complete the activities.  Imagine your child not only learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, but also learning how a butterfly's tongue works through straw painting.  Students don’t just read the story, Blueberry Sal by Robert McCloskey- they enjoy a “blue day” complete with a recipe for blueberry pancakes, making a “blue” collage, and don’t forget painting a “blue” picture!

Lapbooks take the topic the student is studying and help break each concept down for them. Lapbooks take what they've learned about that concept and place it into some type of foldable or graphic organizer. The wonderful thing about this visual and tactile way of learning is that the brain will often store the information as a picture instead of text, and for a lot of students this means instant retention. Besides that, they are fun!! (as a way of learning and teaching)

Why is this a better way to learn?  How does this help me? 
Student learning improves when lessons incorporate hands-on projects or crafts.  Children learn by doing.  Lapbook Project Packs put learning into their hands!  The possibilities are endless when your student begins a lapbook with a Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child.  There are no age or skill limits, and any topic or subject can be worked into a Project Pack.

When you purchase a Lapbook Project Pack from In the Hands of a Child, all the work is done for you-the parent/teacher, but not for the student.  In addition, Project Packs are easy to store, are an instant review tool, a scrapbook, and a ready-made portfolio of all your student’s studies. Plus, storage is simple and easy because they fit in a file cabinet, magazine rack, or portable file box.

How do I make a Project Pack?
A Lapbook Project Pack is simply a file folder refolded into a shutter-style book.  Open a file folder flat, fold each side into the middle and crease the fold neatly.  There you have it!

What supplies do I need?
You need file folders, paper in different colors and weights*, your student’s favorite coloring tools, tape, glue, scissors, and a stapler.
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