Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Macaroni and cheese soup....

So the other day the girls wanted Macaroni and cheese for breakfast.  I'm the type that I don't care really what they eat for breakfast, as long as it's food and not candy.  I was busy and didn't feel like an argument, so I said Ok.  I was majorly multi-tasking and almost forgot the macaroni and cheese on the stovetop.  I quickly yelled the girls names to come to the kitchen and grabbed the pot to drain and mix it up.  In the meantime my mom (my parents live in an apartment on the same property that we do) yells in my kitchen window for something and distracted I just started pouring milk (I never measure anything...too much Rachel Ray) and suddenly realized how much milk I had added.  I was soooo mad at myself for wasting the food, and then it hit me.  The girls love...I mean LOVE soup right now.  I thought.."Let's see what they will believe."  So I added the cheese and turned the heat back on the pot to warm the milk up a bit.  I dished it into the bowls and added some shredded cheese on top.  Put it on the table and called it "Mac and Cheese Soup".  They got sooo excited and ate every bit of it up!  Every day this week they have asked for Mac and Cheese soup.  WHO KNEW?!?!

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