Sunday, November 28, 2010

What's in the box Monday?

I thought I would upload pictures of what is in our boxes.  We'll do Lydia's box tomorrow.  Now Lydia is actually enrolled in K12 because I didn't have a good phonics set when we pulled her from public school.  I figured it would be easier to just supplement what they had for the year, instead of me trying to shop, review and order books for her also.  We all know how much work it takes to look at curriculum.  So most of her drawers are K12 products, with a few extras from me. 

The first thing is copywork.  A scripture that we are working on learning.  I used ABCTeach to create manuscript and cursive sheets for the kids to work with. 

The copywork didn't fit in Lydia's drawers.  It's just on top today.
 First is Phonics.  She rolls her eyes at this everytime, so I decided to get it knocked out first thing in the morning.
 Next is Language Arts.  We are working on Rhyming.  I have a memory game I printed from Starfall and laminated that we have been playing.  We are reading Tom Thumb this week.  We'll be watching the video on YouTube and I printed a couple coloring sheets so we can have mini-puppets to act out the story.

 The next drawer is an animal print match game.  I downloaded this from homeschoolshare workboxables area.  It's called the Animal Fur match game.  You can put it in a file folder also.  I just printed, laminated and cut them out to do a simple match game.

This is such a cool idea.  I first saw it on Confessions of a Homeschooler letter of the week posts.   When I subscribed to ABCTeach they have a whole bunch.  This is a push pin fine motor skill activity.  I purchased large push pins at the local Walmart.  The box of 10 was around $3.00.  The concept is that the child lays on the carpet (or uses a piece of reusable foam) and uses the push pin to poke holes on the black lines.  They must stay on the black lines.  It is a lesson in focusing and improving the ability to control their hands for writing.  Confessions of a Homeschooler (halfway down the page you will see what is called Letter Poke) uses this technique with her children on letter cards.  I actually am just using pictures this week.  I am including a simple coloring page for Brayden to use in his workbox tomorrow also.  We'll see how they like this new activity.  This is definitely an activity that requires an adult to be around for safety reasons.  If you do not have a push pin and want to try this activity, a toothpick can produce the same results on basic paper.  If you print this on card stock, it will make it more difficult to stick either object through.

K12 uses Handwriting without Tears.  I have several of their books.  Lydia is struggling with letter size and pencil control.  So the push pin punching will help her.  She practices 10 minutes a day in their books.  And I also print a sheet from ABCTeach with her first and last name for practice.

Next is art class. 

Then it's K12 History.  I use this very loosely.  She is enjoying the Geography curriculum that they boys are using more.  So I do the basics, and then we have our Expedition Earth curriculum that she will have a notebook to show her teacher.

Then there's Science.  She is studying bones and muscles right now.  Funny thing is...the boys just started this unit in science also.  I didn't plan it, it just happened.

K12 Math....She is reviewing patterns.  She is finding the math extremely easy.  I found a traceable calendar (it's at the bottom of the page) for her to use daily.  She knows her days of the week, but is struggling with giving yesterday and tomorrow answers.  So this will help her practice that concept. 

One final fine motor skill activity.  A cut and paste ladybug picture.

If you notice, I have tried to include the supplies she will need to complete each drawer.  The pencils and sharpener are handy.  But Lydia is really protective off her crayons and will not allow the boys to touch her new box.  She loves the big box of crayons (who doesn't!!)!!! 

Have a wonderful Monday.  More on the boys later in the week.

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  1. LOL how cute about her own crayons!! All of my children have their own special items! Your workboxes look wonderful! Mine love theirs too!