Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pablo Picasso Art Class

I thought it would be fun to have a group art class, instead of just trying to teach the kids about artists by ourselves at home.  So I have been trying to arrange an art class in our homeschooling group at least once a month.  There's no charge  for the class.  Parents only need to bring the supplies for the projects, which I try to keep to what people have at home already. 

We have studied Giuseppe Arcimboldo

and we have used tissue paper with watered down glue.  It's kind of a mix up of artists with method.  We even had a class of story art with Leo Leoni and A Color of his own.  We created our own chameleons out of modeling clay and jewels, pipe cleaners and other materials.

My goal for January is to make sure there are no cancellation of classes.  We'll study two artists and their methods.  There is always illness or location issues that seem to creep up.  The library that we have been going to lately seems to be centrally located for our largely spread out group.  Or at least I hope so.  They were very open to us meeting there and they even said we could have our Lego club meeting there.  I was excited.  That club starts next week.

This month we looked at Picasso and his Cubism period.  Each child was to bring shapes cut out in different colors and then we used them to create a picture of a favorite place or character.

I used Powerpoint to create a presentation of Picasso's Cubism period.  We talked about his use of thick lines and bright colors.  We also looked at the different stages of Cubism.

You can see the different stages.  (sorry the pics are out of  order).  We also learned that Picasso's first word was pencil.  He first took lessons from his father who was an art teacher.  He went to art school in Spain and in France.  And he his best friend was Henri Matiesse.  And he created the form of Cubism with
George Braque

We had one girl who created a slide and flowers.  Lydia made Snoopy and Brayden created his version of a Pokemon he likes.

Joey created a really cool piece of art.  But I cant find the picture.  I will have to upload it later.

In January we may look at Andy Warhol and Pop Art.  May stick with a modern theme.  Or Edward Munch and the Scream.  The Scream is a great example of the use of different lines.  So I am up in the air right now.  Guess we'll see what January brings.


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  2. Hey I wanna come to your art class. Art never gets done Thanks for the push I already was a follower though

  3. Wonderful post! You have given me some really great ideas. Wish I could come to your Art Classes though.