Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let it Snow.

All was quiet this morning until we heard squeals and screams..."IT SNOWED!!!"  The girls had discovered the first measurable snow of the year.  Well that is the term the weather man used.  You could still see the grass.  The girls begged and begged and since it was supposed to warm up above freezing today, I took advantage of another benefit of homeschooling and moved our lessons to after lunch and we went out to play.

Lydia made her first snow angel of the year.

Then the snowballs started flying.

Caty just kept screaming, "Snowballs....I get you."  You can tell the difference in her enthusiasm over snow between this year and last year.  She just got more excited.

Joey was offfffff the behavior scale.  He was sick yesterday, but he was super hyper today.  Running all over and up and down the street with the dog.

Look it froze to my gloves.  

So I wanted to pull them up and down the side street on their little saucer sleds.  But couldn't remember where they got stored.  So I had to improvise....a long underbed tub on wheels.  Didn't work in the grass, but great on the street. 

I was wore out, and they weren't.  Joey actually had got cold and headed in just a little before the girls.  Of course we finished the morning off with cups of hot cocoa.  Brayden took the easy route and wouldn't come outside.  He still wanted hot cocoa though.  Oh well.....maybe next time.

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  1. Looks like my house last weekend!! We had 14 inches and the kids had a blast! Winter is totally here, tonight we are under a blizzard warning and expecting up to 12 inches again! LOL so kids are prepared and I have fresh cocoa on hand because ofcourse you can't have snow play time without coming into getting a hot cocoa!!