Saturday, January 15, 2011

The camera through the kids eyes....

Everytime I download my memory card I never know for sure what extra shots may appear on our camera. All the children love to take pictures with the camera.  They have a little fisher price digital camera I need to download because I'm sure it has some very interesting shots on it too.

So these are some shots from this week.

Brayden loves the puzzle he got from the space museum Tennessee.
 Brayden at the Humane Society trip.
 Brayden taking pics at the Humane new hair cut.
 The ceiling of the humane society.
 Caty took these....Here's me struggling to help my huby with his algebra.
 Here's her paint chip matching bucket.
 Bradyen taking a picture of him and daddy.
 Caty taking a picture of Joey.
 Joey showing Caty his belly
 Another attempt at a picture of him and daddy.
 I finally took the camera and got the shot.
 Then they all had to jump in.
 All the Kuehner Men....
 Joey taking a picture of the girls playing Elefun (that's my niece in the blue).
 Daddy and Caty putting together her new drawers.  She was helping.
 Reading the instructions....
 Mommy and Caty.  The kids and Joe were enjoying Indian cookies that I found at the grocery store today.  They had allspice, cinnamon and cardamom on them.  They smelled soooo yummy.  But mommy couldn't eat them because of my gluten allergy.
That's the end of the segment.  I think I am going to continue this.  Should be interesting to keep watching what the kids are taking pics of all the time.  I may have to start wearing make-up again and doing my hair everyday!!!

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