Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly wrap up January 14, 2011

We had a bit of a light academic week.  Monday was spent at Chuck E Cheese because a dear friend hosted a party for all of us to come and play!  It was fun and several hours of an empty Chuck E Cheese since it was Monday during the day!

We had a snow storm in the middle of the week, and we were afraid to go to the Owl class because of the icky roads, so we missed out on that class.  But we played at home. 

We had a hot cocoa sensory box.  It was full of powdered Nesquick, mini marshmallows and snowmen erasers.  Here's Caty digging around.

We found Watermelon at the grocery story.  They were little mini ones, so we got one.  I didn't care for it, thought it tasted rubbery and not very sweet.  But Lydia still loved it.  Caty not so sure of it.  She has never liked the taste of watermelon, but she does keep trying it almost everytime offered.

After the storm we went sledding at Uncle Bobby and Aunt Lisa's house.  The boys wouldn't come outside.  It has been a real mood week.

Here I am trying to keep Caty busy while I finish some work.  She is sitting next to me matching paint chip colors.  I just dumped the pail, knowing she wouldn't really find matches but just wanted her to concentrate squeezing the clothespins.

Next week it is back to the books.  We need to make up for the art class that had to be cancelled due to weather.  Lydia has two projects she needs to finish for her girls club.    The boys are starting adverbs and we are studying Israel in Geography.  In science, the boys are starting online Science Jim classes.  We will be studying matter with him for the next 10 weeks!  It will be fun!

See you next week!!

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