Friday, January 14, 2011

Field trip to the Humane Society

Two of the clubs that the kids are involved with had a combined field trip to the area Humane Society this week.  We made homemade peanut butter dog biscuits to donate.  The kids also went to the Goodwill and picked out a few blankets and sheets to donate.

Here's our attempt at peanut popper dog biscuits:

 Public school was cancelled that day, so my niece came over to help us.

 I caught them sneaking bites of the dough.  My niece said the natural peanut butter was icky and she didn't like it.  But they kept eating the dough anyway.

The biscuits baking in the oven.

We made cat toys out of baby sock, wool, and catnip.  They were tied with cat friendly string.

Even Caty had fun with that.

The cat room.  They have open cat rooms to allow all the cats to live together in a "homey" environment.

This was so cute.  He was asleep in the water dish.

A puppy they got a chance to pet.  His tail was wagging like crazy.  Joey (who was having a really bad day) thought that was cool and is still talking about it.

Caty coloring the pages they provided for us.

It was fun and educational.  We saw all the hard work that the volunteers at the animal shelter do.  We also saw what we can do to help out these animals.  We will try to continue to help out the best we can.


  1. Hi stopping by from workboxes:) Already a follower. Looks like a great trip the the Humane society. I took my kids to one last month and it was fun. I wanted to bring home a puppy so bad, but we can't have one right now.

  2. That is so much fun! I didn't even know that was a possibility to do, I will have to look into it! Thanks so much for sharing!