Saturday, January 29, 2011

Expedition Earth - Thailand--Sawatdee Kaa

Our meal for the week was Pad Thai (this is mine without the peanuts because I couldn't verify they were gluten free).  It had shrimp and tofu in it....very tasty.  Didn't reheat as well as I wanted (we had lots of leftovers because the boys and Caty would not try it).  Lydia loved it though.

 We read a Folktale about appreciating what we have.  Then we had a discussion about the difference between our wants and needs. 
 For our art project this week, I dyed rice.  Thailand exports the world's largest amount of rice.  So I thought why not color some and glue it down to show the beautiful colors of the Thailand's floating market.
 So while we were watching Youtube tourist videos of the Floating market they worked on their pictures.

Next week we will be learning about France.  Looking forward to the yummy meal we have planned!!!  We are going to be in a hotel, so we won't be making the homemade soap.  Maybe next Saturday we can do that after we return home.