Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lazy week wrap-up

We had such a busy week.  On Monday there were doctor appointments and LEGO club in the afternoon.  Plus Lydia had ice skating practice and the boys had a basketball game (at the same time!!!).  So Monday we were barely home.  They mainly did silent reading.  I also tested Lydia and Brayden's speech for their therapy.  We will start that the 1st week of February and I needed to see where they both stand with sounds.  Tuesday was another busy day.  Our medical insurance requires annual blood tests for adults, they give us a little extra flex spending money so at the cost of the boy's medications....we'll take it.  So we had that at Joe's office and then he needed to work out of the office that day.  The boys had Agility Dog therapy in Toledo in the evening, so I thought why make two trips to Toledo (an hour one way).  Especially since Joe was having a gout attack in his right knee and really shouldn't have been driving.  We made a day of it in Toledo.  We went to Sylvania Playland and played an hour.  Had lunch with a friend.  Then visited the Girl Scout shop for fun patches.  We picked up our worms (from the zoo class we missed) to start our compost bin in the kitchen.  Betsy was nice enough to pick up our supplies and hold them for us to get started.  We played at their house an hour!  Great visit!!  Then we ran to the Science museum and played until I had to force them to leave.  I now know Tuesday afternoons are the best time to go to Imagination Station!!!  I promised we would go back.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday remained crazy, but I was able to keep up on a couple things school wise including our Expedition Earth study of Thailand.  Such a beautiful country!!!

The boys are enjoying their new handwriting curriculum.

 Brayden and Caty at Sylvania Playland

Imagination Station

 They had two huge tables full of K'nex to build with.  It was actually overwhelming!

You build and turn on the earthquake machine to see if you creation can withstand a small earthquake.
Ours didn't:(
 Caty loved playing with this experiment.

You had to use the blocks to build a bridge...Lydia didn't do a bad job.

Waiting for the boys at Agility Angels therapy.

The new t-shirts. Gotta get the boys new ones now.

Joey with Leland.

 Brayden with his dog.
The research behind this therapy is that it increases the verbal confidence of those with autism or on the autism spectrum.  It also increases their social skills.   This program is all run by volunteers 4 evenings a week. 

Here Joey was had struck up a bet with his agility coach (Mr. Fred is in the middle of the picture) that if he finished his agility course work (Joey was in a bad mood) Mr. Fred would sniff Leland's butt.  I don't know if Leland enjoyed it.  I think Mr. Fred will be careful in the future about his bets with Joey.

Next week we are visiting an indoor waterpark in Sandusky...Kalahari!!!  They are hosting a Homeschool Winter Break special.  We are so excited!!!!!  I can finally stop hearing, when are we going to Kalahari?  We are still going to do some minor school work during the week.  Our whole family will be joining us in a huge Suite.  My niece and nephew will have schoolwork to do as well.  We will be concentrating on Math facts for all the kids.  Lydia is starting basic addition and the boys will be working on mulitplication facts.  The boys will be finishing with compound words, they have Science Jim on Wednesday and handwriting.  Just enough daily to not completely forget what we were doing at home.  Lydia will be continuing with letter sounds and 100 EZ Lesson to Learn to Read.  She is also going to be doing computer work on Phonics with Funnix.  We will also continue Expedition Earth by visiting France throughout the week.  We even have our meal planned.

Another week survived!!!!

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