Saturday, January 8, 2011

My big savings day!!!

I mentioned in my previous post that it was grocery shopping day. I think I did ok, pretty sure we will only need diapers--milk--and bread for the next two weeks!! YEAHHHHH!!!

We had a couple other errands though to do. The kids are in a club through our homeschool group called Kids 4 Peace. Each month they learn more about our planet and its inhabitants. They learn about friendship and helping others. It's a fun group! But Lydia is also a Daisy Scout in a newly formed group in our homeschool. All's great! Well needless to say there are alot of of the Girl Scouts that are also members of the Kids 4 Peace group. So this Thursday the two groups will have a combined field trip to the Humane Society. This week we will be baking homemade dog biscuits to take for all the puppies and today I took the kids to Goodwill to purchase some blankets to donate also. I let them each pick out a blanket. I wanted to keep them involved more. Hoping that it makes a bigger impression on them. Doubtful, but I'm trying.

Well while we were there I was checking out the board games. I can usually get good deals on games there. Today was no exception.

I have been wanting this game for a long time, but the $25.00 price tag could be justified. (Of course now that I have looked at it...I would've paid the money for it!) Plus shipping though because it can only be ordered here.

Ultimate Deal of the day-----------Almost New $4.00!!!!

I see the conclusion of our Community Helpers unit next week!!!

Found a bag of Nuddles---$3.00---I have a pattern book that the girls can "color" with these.  But they just love playing with these.

Found a geography game from Educational Insights.  It's kind of like Hot Dots Cards.......$3.00

This is a fun one for the girls.  Easy adding for a kindergartener learning math facts!!  Retail originally around $24.00 (this is in a metal box).........Only $6.00.  And it's like new!

I also found this cute metal bucket for $1.00.  Here I am creating a Montessori paint match game for the girls.  Total cost.....$1.00 for bucket, $2.00 clothespins, spray adhesive (used a little), and free paint chip samples from the store.  I made 75 clips tonight.  They all store in the bucket!  So cool.  I will post more pictures when we do the activity.  (I didn't figure the cost pizza in the cost....but it worked great tonight.  Can I count that as reusing resources even though I was using spray adhesive?:)...)

I was so excited with the good deals today.  I love Goodwill.  I wish they would've been a little better in the store.  This was a quick trip through in order.  Stores do not work well for kids with sensory issues.  Oh well.....


  1. Just wanted to say Thanks you for stopping by and leaving a lovely post for my daughter's lapbook. She is so happy to have had so many wonderful positive comments.

    I love shopping in second hand stores I always find good bargains. Books are my weakness tho. I buy way to many books:)

  2. I've never heard of those nuzzles things. You sure found some great deals!

  3. Here's some great resources for the Magic Nuddles:

    I have a book that I make copies. Found it at a yard sale for 25 cents. That's what got me started. You can find them on ebay also.