Friday, January 21, 2011

Shalom--Our brief trip through Israel

This week we visited Israel.  We learned that Jerusalem is the Capital of this country.

We enjoyed Israeli salad. 
 Hummus (with cilantro)
 Gyro sandwiches with hummus and Israeli salad.
Israeli Honey Cake
 We made Stone mosaics with small pebbles.  Mosaics were made of shells and stones/pebbles.  The designs were of warriors, cattle and even checkerboards.  We found this activity in Global Art

 Our finished mosaics.  We did use a few shiny pebbles in our stones.
 We learned about Shalom Sesame.  This is Kippy Ben Kipod.  He is the main character instead of Big Bird. 
 This is the Rubber Ducky song in Hebrew.
 We also talked about the Dead Sea.  We experimented by making salt water and tried to see if eggs would float in it.  I found this experiment here.....

 Plain water

 Plain water, the egg sunk but the salt water allowed the egg to float.  We tried pebbles that we used for the mosaics and they did not float even in the salt water.  So we concluded that the amount of water in an object affects it's ability to float even in water with very high salt levels.

Next week we will studying Thailand.  Very much looking forward to that tasty week!!!

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