Sunday, January 16, 2011

"What's Gnu" in our classroom this week?

Since we don't have school tomorrow (Dad actually has the day off from work).  So I took a little extra time today to get some new stuff around. 

A new game that I got on clearance for $5.00!!!  Lydia is not quite ready for it, but the boys can practice their spelling and word skills with it.

While surfing blogs, I saw this great idea for gum containers.  So got some.  Caty will be putting mini-marshmallows in this.  We will save this for a treat snack time though.  The girls love mini-marshmallows for a snack.

I'm soooo excited about this new box.  This is a center that I got an idea for.  Lydia used these paper punches at a craft time during one of her clubs.  So I went ebay shopping and bought a few lots of paper punches and a huge lot of old greeting cards (with no envelopes) and some scrapbook stickers.  We had the craft scissors and glue.  I added some scrapbooking paper I had been saving for crafts (found at a garage sale).  The kids can sit and stamp, cut, design, glue and sticker to their hearts content.  Great for imagination and fine motor skills.

While shopping on Amazon I saw this really cool 3D Feel and Find activity from Guidecraft.  And it's now on my wish list, but I thought I would attempt to make my own for the girls with different items. 

This is an Alphabet Feel and Find.  Lydia will need to reach in and make matches of the letters.

For Miss Caty I dug around and found a game that was missing pieces.  I took pictures of the pieces for her to match them to as she pulls them out.  We will work with these and also sort them by color.

I also got a wiggle pad for Miss Lydia.  A therapist told me that this would be great for fidgety butts.  If it works, I will be investing for the boys also.

 Nick Jr. had Dino Dan puzzles!!  Caty loves Dino Dan.  So I printed and laminated two for her.

On a Yahoo group that I belong to, this wonderful person named Kim made these princess puzzles.  So they are now laminated and ready to go also!!

Childcare Land has some AWESOME daily art/educational activities that they send in an email each day!  Well last week I started thinking about the pattern that they sent.  I printed and colored them to match our pom pom collection.  There's a snowman for each color and Caty can sort them by color.  (We'll also be doing some with do a dot markers!)

Our new sensory box this week.  I hid pine cones, several ribbons, some evergreen, berries and flowers in these gold icicle strands.  I actually printed a picture list of the items for her to find.  But do not have a picture of it.  Will have to share that later in the week.

Caty's new drawers.  She's so proud of her school boxes!

This is another wonderful share from Kim.   They are magnification sheets.  She has made several different ones.  Yesterday she sent out Cars, Princess, and Transformers. 

They are all cut and ready to go.

That's all the new stuff this week.  I need to ban myself from ebay.  I have a few more things coming in the mail yet this week.  Love getting deals though:)!!!!

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