Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why...oh why....oh why?!?!!?

I'm so tired right now.  I wanted to come up with a witty Dr. Seuss rhyme for the title of this post.  But my brain is barely functioning.  I want to sleep, but the forces of my family is not allowing me.  Joey has woke up a couple times and keeps wandering around the house.  Caty keeps having night terrors or something like it because she has woke up at least twice (well not really awake) saying, ""  Just as I start to fall alsleep someone or something makes a noise that wakes me back up.  On the brighter side I have caught up a few episodes of some of the shows I like.  But these are also times when I question my sanity and why I allow the stress to continue.  Why do I push myself?  Then as I am downloading my flashcard and then look through some of my previous pictures.... I see the reasons why....  I also know why I laughed when the doctor asked me what I could do to Reduce stress in my life.  He knows my family....he knew the answer before he even asked. 

 (Yes that's an orange segment smile!)
 (Wearing his new uniform at Tuesday nights game.)
 (Actually eating a piece of cake from our Israel project today....He NEVER wants to try any of our new foods each week.)
 (Yes you saw that box in Sunday's post.  It's our new sensory box fo rthe week.  Pretty amazing the senses she is using!!)

Brayden hamming it up with daddy.

Just the sweetest smile that hides the most evil's scary!!!

Our house is ALWAYS a mess!!!  You never see that in the pictures.  I am always looking for a shot without mess.  I gave up on making the boys wear shirts...ok, not completely....still working on that.  Caty loves to strip out of clothes after I put them on.  There are toys in the hall, and there is always a garbage can in the house that needs empty.  And sometimes I wonder whether the kids left more toothpaste in the sink than they even put on their toothbrush.  But I am ever so thankful everyday for my family.  Although in the same prayers I am also praying for continued patience!!!!


  1. LOL I wonder about the toothpaste too. Drives me crazy.

  2. Sending you a bloggy award check out my site to see it:)

  3. Thanks...I will flip over to your site and check it out!!!

  4. i love all the pics!! i love the way you allow your kids to be just that!! KIDS!! XOXO