Monday, February 21, 2011

Do I really want to get up today?

There are morning people and there are night people.  I don't really know where I fit into that anymore.  When I was younger and single (I'm trying to make myself sound wise with those words:)...), I slept in until I had to leave for work and hopped in my truck headed down to my store and worked all day, sometimes all 13 hours.  Then I would head out with my friends, sometimes to a club or just hang out and watch movies.  I remember several times never going to sleep.  I wasn't a party child, but I definitely functioned better at night.  I still may have a little bit of that in me since I can sometimes stay up most of the night to complete tasks and then get up around 7 to start the next day. 

But now that we have 4 kids, we have unique challenges that face us each morning.  There's fighting and hair to brush.  Sometimes we start school and I realize I haven't even used the brush on my hair yet and I'm usually still in my PJs.  So once I get them going, I head to a quick 10 minute freshen up.  We have a very unique challenge with Joey.  His OCDs swing wide open in the morning and impulse control is non-existent.  We are working on basic self-help morning skills, like making an easy breakfast, getting dressed and hygiene.  But even that is hard for him to handle because his brain is like a bullet train without brakes.  So each day I cringe at the thought of getting up and experiencing those two hours of non-stop bouncing (and I mean bouncing), inability to control the volume in his voice, excessive laughing at absolutely nothing, and non-stop talking.  You can tell around 9:30 that the morning meds have kicked in.  But until then, it is a daily manic episode.  Somedays I can handle it better than others.  But wow somedays I feel like he does in a shopping mall, completely overwhelmed!

Right now Brayden is experiencing something he cannot control.  He is feeling like he is living in his video game.  He cannot seem to control the line between fantasy and real-life at times.  This is one of those mornings.  I keep going in and reminding him to lower his voice and the battle needs to stay at a lower level and in his room.  I'm sure his battle companions will have to visit us and eat lunch with us today.  That seems to be the direction we are pointing in right now.  Especially since he just yelled at his "battle partner" (who only he can see) that he cheated.

I dont' want to sound like I am complaining.  I love my children.  I wouldn't change our decision to homeschool and have them home with us.  But today is one of those reminders that we do not have a typical family.  I cannot wake up and walk out to a Leave It To Beaver kitchen or house.  Most days I walk out and feel like the Munsters exploded all over our house!  And that is our daily life.  At least this morning the breakfast situation was under control and no one tried to create anything....that's always extra messy.  And sometimes very scary looking. 

So in answer to my Post Title...No, I didn't want to get up today.  I was up until 3 am and woke up at 5 by Caty.  Then fell back asleep and woke up again by the phone at 7.  But a mom's job is breaks.  We'll play games later and I'll forget temporarily about all the battles this morning.

Everyone have a great Week.  I am listening to the Homeschool Conference this week.  SOOOO looking forward to this!

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