Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying to kill time...

So we are on break this week. I have been listening to the Heart of the Matter teleconference daily til after lunch. Then I have been working on spring cleaning the school room and writing up lesson plans through the summer.  I may even clean out some kitchen cabinets this week even...who knows.

But in the meantime, I have bored children....so this week we have made cars out of boxes and building blocks out of different size boxes.

Decorating our cars

The pile of boxes for our box city.  So far they haven't built a city, but they love stacking them and knocking them over.

This morning though they decided to put on a concert singing a princess song they made.  Lydia is on the drum and Caty got out the Barbie guitar.

Caty had some moves, but I didn't have the camera that records live video.

The stuffies on the table are their audience.

We also made candy necklaces.

One more teleconference for me at 9 tonight.  It's supposed to teach me how to not raise my voice to the kids.  I may yelling until 9 tonight:)!!  Another day of conferences tomorrow, and we are watching a little friend also tomorrow.

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