Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lazy Friday night.

We are working on living skills.  So I talked the kids through making pizzas.  It was just premade crust, sauce and cheese.  But hey....I didn't have to "cook" tonight.  Of course they did not use the oven.

We watched Toy Story....again.  Yeah I have all three memorized this week.  I am really starting to dislike the movies.  But they all can agree on this set right now, so I didn't argue.  Pizza, movie and then they started falling asleep.  I looked over on the couch and saw Joey like this:)

Brayden didn't like that I have to leave a lamp on in the living room because of Joey's Prehistoric Monster tank that we put together today.  So he left the room when he rolled over and realized he fell asleep in the living room floor.  I found him wrapped up in his sleeping bag on their couch.

I really don't miss any wild nights going out.  This was a nice evening with the kids!!!