Friday, February 18, 2011

Next week's plans...

Before I post my weekly wrap-up, I wanted to say I'm taking most of next week off.  We were supposed to go with Joe to Tennessee for his work, but with mom sick the kids and I are staying home.  I am very jealous of him though, since it's supposed to be in the mid-60s all week!!!  All that sunshine and nice weather wasted on him sitting in an office.

But I had signed up for what looks to me like a great homeschool teleconference.  I really wanted to go to the Midwest Conference in either Memphis, TN or Cincinnati, OH, but it's not in the cards for me this year.  Maybe next year.  So here's my plans next week:

I gave the kids time off from school and threatened them to behave for a couple days.  Maybe will be bribing them too.  I'm sure I will learn how horrible that behavior is by some speaker.

Monday's topics:
  • Simplifying Homeschool
  • Resistant Learners
  • Amanda Bennett is sharing the Top Ten Tips for Successful Homeschooling (I love her study units!!)

Tuesdays topics:
  • Called to be a Missional Mom by Helen Lee (?--new one to me)
  • Smart Kids Who Hate to Write - Dianne Craft (Can't wait for this!!!!)
  • Help! I fell off my Lesson Plan! - Carol Barnier (Did she read my mind?!?!)

Wednesday there will be discussions on
  • Notebooking to help children learn
  • How to grow your child's vocab
  • Loving Living Math

It was priced well at only $14.95 for all three days.  Plus I got a link to some free eBooks and they are holding tons of giveaways. 

I'm not getting anything to tell you about this.  Thought someone else might be interested.  You will be given the ability to listen to any missed sessions when they are uploaded, so I figure even if I have to miss something this week I will still get to hear it.

If you are interested, just click on this link for Heart of the Matter Conference.

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