Friday, February 18, 2011

New camera fun...

So my hubby got me a new camera for an early anniversary present.  My poor little red Sony needs some attention from the camera doctor.  I'll still use him, but definitely like the new one. 

Sony a (alpha) DSLR-A390L Digital SLR Camera with Sony DT 18-55mm lens (Black)
It's got the ability to use multiple lenses and take portraits/macros and very important sports shots.  I end up with so many blurry basketball game pics it makes me cry when I go to download the camera after each game.

I was playing with it at the zoo today while the kids were in class.  It is awesome!!!

I have never be able to get a good picture of the ants or the blue frog yet.  I was shocked when I saw them.

Caty was in a dead run.  This shot wasn't even taken with the sports setting.

This is a mama toad with her baby on her back.  This was more difficult since it was through two sheets of glass.

I don't want the red camera to be jealous, but there should be enough love to go around....or enough pictures to be taken.  I will be working with the kids on that camera.  I don't want them to touch the new one yet.

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