Friday, February 18, 2011

Visiting Great Britain

We did a brief visit to Great Britain this week.

We learned what smaller countries make up this area and located it on the globe and hallway map.

Eating fish and chips....(wrapped in newspaper, they thought that was cool!)

We watch a Documentary on Stonehenge and created our own model out of clay.

Been a rough week with Grandma being sick and just talked about the animals of the area also. 

The kids have enjoyed studying the countries of the world, so we are going to finish our Expedition Earth curriculum and then continue to talk about a country every week after that.  Next week we will be steering away from the curriculum and talking about Fiji.  This was a request from the kids.  Since we only have school 2 days next week, I didn't really care.  So off to FIJI...I just wish our weather matched theirs!!!

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