Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Arctic habitat--

We had a fun time watching the Mother and baby bear playing.  I honestly didn't get to listen to the volunteer.  Caty and Lydia would barely sit still and Brayden was more concerned with taking pictures than listening also.  Go figure...:(

But while playing with my camera got some great shots of the Mommy teaching her baby.  Funny thing we didn't hear her growl.  Siku kept picking at her Mommy, but she just walked away.  Yet...she was "Homeschooling" her child by teaching him how to protect himself in the wild.  Is there something I can learn from her?

This isn't the first time though we have witnessed her teaching Siku, it's always fun to stop and watch them together.  Here's a couple shots I got.  I think I took about 100, I won't bore you with them all.

The girls in the Bear Cave.
 The zookeeper in this area was snapping pictures too.  I had to laugh when she said, "Way to go mom, get him by the ear."  I said, "Hey old-fashioned discipline!"

It was fun!!!

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  1. you gor some good pics Renita, my battery died so the few pics I got were not so good