Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr. Seuss Day 2!!!

Well Day 2 had us go on a field trip to the Zoo to learn more about Arctic Animals, which we will be studying Arctic habitats in May.  Then doctor and therapy appointments.  So we "Van-Schooled" yesterday.  One of our newest changes to school with the boys is the spliting of doing their Teaching Textbooks Math assignments.  Instead of filling the workbooks out while they are doing the computer assignment the boys will be doing the computer time and then either later that day or the next day they will complete the workbook section of the assignment.  Apparently with visual perception delays trying to do these types of assignments at the same time is equivalent to trying to read 8 chapters of War and Peace in 10 minutes...way overwhelming.  So the boys did the online portion of their work yesterday and filed the workbooks while we were waiting for the zoo to open.  I found a Strawberry Shortcake easy addition book for Lydia and we started working on that while waiting.  Caty was just counting. 

But while we were waiting at the doctor's office we worked on our Dr. Seuss for the day.  We worked on rhyming and reading silly tongue twisters.

For anyone who has experience with kids on the autism spectrum or anyone with visual perception issues, these are skills that are not easy.  We will spend more time Wednesday/Thursday on these skills. 

Wednesday we have other surprises.......

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