Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Posting challenge..Are you willing to post your mess?!?!?

If anyone really knew me, they would know I am freaked out by clutter and dirt.  My problem is I see it, get overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing and cleaning it.  I used to keep an immaculate house before kids appeared in our lives.  It took me a little to get used to cleaning on a schedule and when I did, our house was always clean.  Well last week on the Heart of the Matter teleconference we were challenged to post before and after shots of an area of extreme mess in our house that we needed to clean.  Well the mess in my storage room/front porch area was getting horrible.  It isn't insulated, and during the winter months I just would throw stuff out the door into the room.  Well this was what we ended up with:

After a couple of hours of freezing my tail off (and I really wish it would've fallen off as cold as I was:)...) this is what we ended up with.  I can now get on the elipitical machine (as if I have time!!).  
 It's by no means perfect, but I can at least get out there and work some more without falling and breaking my neck!

The only major issue was I knocked off our winter sensory box and there was mashed potato flakes and white rice everywhere!!  Go figure:)!!

Will tackle more when the weather warms more.  I also decluttered the school room a bit, but didn't make a difference since I basically moved out stuff we weren't using to the storage room and moved in new items.

But this is what we ended up with.

Warning....the school room looks like this maybe once a week, other times I have my daily things piled on the notebooks, but I am trying to change those habits.

 This corner still needs major help.  It is on the to do list for this weekend.

Supply and microscope area.  There are flashcards inside the desk.

Still a work in progress, but I am genetically pre-disposed to Pack Rat Syndrome.  It's a serious condition and there is no medication to help with it.  It's really an illness that is life-long.  Someday I would really like to break through the wall, but if anyone knows my parents and my grandparents...well you know that it's a life-long illness and things will barely change, but I will keep fighting it:)!!!

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