Friday, March 11, 2011

Final "official" week of Eating the Alphabet

Well we have ate all we could find locally at our stores, with the exception of parsnips....the ones at the store just looked and felt soft and icky.  So I opted away from them.  We also did not find any jicama and no jalapeno...not that she hasn't had them before.

Here's our finished food wall:

We finished the week by having ratatouille with polenta the other day.  It included zuchinni, eggplant, tomato, yellow peppers, and of course the corn in the polenta.  We had fresh papaya this week also.  I am making an effort to include some homemade breakfast items to have more control over the ingredients in the food we are eating.  I am trying to buy more fresh items and of course we are trying to eat fewer processed items.  I bought some great water bottles this week we are waiting on them to arrive.  They filter water as you drink it.  How cool.  I also am going to make an effort to pack more lunches and carry snacks in a bag for our "vanschooling" times.  We also are going to work harder at recycling items and using reusable containers and search out more environmental options.  I'll keep you updated on our journey.

This was a fun book and we are going to do this again over the summer when we can take the book to the Farmers Market and walk up and down the rows to pick out fresh items.  I think that will be a fun trip!!!

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