Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grossology Class

The library branch we visit weekly was kind enough to hold a special session of their Grossology class for us Homeschoolers (during the day).  Miss Patty read us gross jokes and gross stories (like a science project that ate all the girls family) and she even had a mini-marshmallow food fight for us.

  Marshmallow Food Fight

 She made guck.  Is is a liquid or solid?!?!

Then there was the dirty diaper relay. 

An got to paint with things like dragon brains and dog poop (after he ate grass).  It was gross!!!

This is our friend Amelia painting next to Lydia.  Lydia asked me when we got home, "Miss Patty really
didn't have me touch Dragon's brains..did she?!?!"

And we had a snack of Kitty Litter. There was a couple kids that couldn't even eat it....this was fun to make!!

It was a great time!!!!!!


  1. Is this class based on the Grossology book series? I just got the Grossology book from Amazon.......during our human body study we are going to make Phony Poo! I won't be telling my son about it until the day gets here, because he will drive me crazy asking when. He's going to crack up.

    The class looks like amazing fun. I wish he had things like that around here!

  2. How fun my kids would love this. I need to get that book.

  3. o.o oh wow...kitty litter! lol

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  4. This sounds like a fabulous activity. I'm a new follower from The Homeschool Lounge. I'd love for you to come on over and visit my blog.

  5. I hate to admit that I've seen the kitty litter cake before. Love the idea of the gross day!