Sunday, March 20, 2011

Menu for the Week

I went to the dreaded place today!!!  It's the grocery store.....OH how I hate going there!!!  I still have not figured out how to feed 6 people 24-7 cheaply.  My food allergies do not help the bill.  Gone are the days of $1 pasta specials.  I did create a menu and shopped for a two week period.  Joe gets paid that way, so I try to run our menus that way also.  I will hopefully only have to go back for milk and bread.

So here is the Hopeful Menu for the next Week:

Today everybody ate leftovers throughout the day.  My dad went down to the new restaurant in our little town and bought everyone supper last night.  Well he bought a lot of food.  The only thing we ran short on was the kids loved the Chicken Strips.  Caty and Brayden loved them!!  They agreed to share the last one at lunch.  THANKS GRANDPA FOR THE YUMMY FOOD!!!

We will be eating out some this week.  I am going to try and pack lunches/dinners on those running days, but not sure because each day brings its own challenges.  The kids aren't gaining weight or anything, but I keep reminding them that it is not healthy to eat fast food all the time.  The girls have adjusted to Subway as an option instead of McDonald's all the time.  Although you have to be careful at Subway because the lunch meat they use isn't always the healthiest, but at least the sandwich isn't deep fried.  Lydia likes the veggies though and that is a huge plus.

Monday - 
Lunch-Spiked Spaghetti (it's a Rachel Ray recipe that I am adjusting so I can eat it.  It has fresh kale and mushrooms in it.)***New one for us
Dinner-Sloppy Joes (because Daddy, Lydia & Caty will have to leave before the boys and I get back from Basketball practice.)

Breakfast - Smoothies and muffins
Lunch - BBQ Pork wraps
Dinner - Scalloped potatoes and ham

Breakfast - Waffles and sausage patties
Lunch - Stuffed peppers (stuffing made with quinoa, ground pork, green chilies and tomatoes)
Dinner - Spaghetti w/ garlic bread (I can't eat jar sauce due to my food allergies, so I make a quick homemade sauce with organic tomato puree, oregano, basil, sweet with a little sugar and some salt...the kids and hubby like it)

Breakfast - Open (Cereal w/ toast)
Lunch - Leftovers
Dinner - Roast w/ carrots & potatoes

Breakfast - Bubble breakfast pizza (a creation I put together in my mind...will let you know how it turns out)
Lunch - leftovers (May serve the leftover roast as's always yummy that way).
Dinner - Packed or out (We have State Basketball Game that Day!!!)

Breakfast - Open
Lunch - Out or packed (We have another State Basketball Game that Day!!!)
Dinner - Chicken Stroganoff (make dairy free...mmmMMMM)

I am trying to buy healthier.  Trying to buy more organic and watch the snacks that I buy also.  I plan on offering snacks to the kids, instead of letting them rummage what they want. 

Some snacks that will be offered:
Apples and Peanut Butter
Crackers w/ peanut butter
Baked chips and hummus (A favorite of Lydia)
Celery and cream cheese
Mini Carrots and peanut butter
I may even make some breadsticks one day and offer pizza sauce dipping sauce.  Will have to do that though the day after spaghetti day.
I also bought a treat of choco chip cookies that Joey likes for a day.



  1. Looks like a yummy week!

  2. Looks yummy! I have to write menus for the state because of our group home status, so I feel your pain. You can come to love them though! My son has food allergies too: egg, dairy, potato, peanut. Sigh!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog -have a really great week in all that homeschooling chaos! ;)