Saturday, April 30, 2011

Found a great new book.....

Quirky, Yes---Hopeless, No: Practical Tips to Help Your Child with Asperger's Syndrome Be More Socially Accepted

Some day I will get to read a fiction/mystery book that doesn't involved site word counts or cartoon characters......ahhhh but currently I have been trying to read a string of books on helping our kids and us survive daily life.  I lost....yes lost....which means someone in a doctor office has gained an almost new copy of the Carol Barnier book I was trying to read on hyperactive children and homeschooling...very sad for me.  But I did a random search on Amazon....have I mentioned that Amazon is my new FAVORITE place.  My hubby got a prime membership because he is a student and I am addicted.  I ordered this book Thursday and got it yesterday for FREE shipping!!!   He may change his password on me because it makes it too easy for me to get books for schoolwork that the library doesn't have.  I haven't gone nuts...but it is very easy.

Here's the Amazon Review on this book:

Product Description

In Quirky, Yes—Hopeless, No, Dr. Cynthia La Brie Norall and Beth Brust present short lessons, structured around specific topics from A-Z that address the social challenges faced by Asperger’s children and teens. Since everyday “people skills” do not come naturally to children with Asperger’s, they need training in such simple activities as:
• How to greet others and make eye contact
•How to let go and move on to new tasks
• How to cooperate and ask for help
•How to pay compliments
•How to discern someone’s true intentions
• How to handle teasing and bullying
• How not to be rude.
Based on Dr. Norall’s twenty years of experience diagnosing and treating thousands with Asperger’s, this book will share her insights gained from helping so many friendless Asperger’s children become more approachable, less stuck, and finally able to make, and keep, a friend or two.

I'll let you know in a few days about this book, even exhausted last night I fell asleep reading it. 


  1. I think it sounds like a wonderful book to read. Especially if it helps your child too!! I know that one of the best things you can do is be informed, and keep those around you informed too. Good for you!! I hope you love it, and most of all, I hope it helps!

  2. What a great resource. I have a friend I'm going to pass this recommenation on to. Thanks for the follow. I'm following back.

  3. Another good one for kids is
    Asperger Download: A Guide to Help Teenage Males With Asperger Syndrome Trouble-shoot Life’s Challenges.
    My 12 year old likes it its set up like a dictionary with explanations of things like situations and feeling from a mother and son.