Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Monday - April 10 - 16

Well here is our attempt for the week.  We did really well last week and only skipped spaghetti night and I was sooo tired from cleaning out the basement all day Saturday that they got food from the restaurant downtown instead of me making sweet and sour pork.  We'll just add those to this week.

Today:  We had BBQ porkchops and steamed green beans.

Breakfast:  Cereal (Field trip early!!)
Lunch:  Open---whatever people want
Dinner:  Sweet and sour pork over rice

Breakfast:  Bubble Pizza
Lunch:  Sphagetti
Dinner:  Stuffed Peppers

Breakfast:  Cinnamon Rolls
Lunch:  Leftovers (We are volunteering at the Humane Society this morning so I won't be home.)
Dinner:  Ribs in the crockpot  (The girls start soccer this evening.)

Breakfast:  Strawberry shortcake
Lunch:  Spicy Shrimp over pasta
Dinner:  Leftovers

Breakfast:  Cereal
Lunch:  Potato soup
Dinner:  Steak over Mexi-rice

Breakfast:  Cereal
Lunch:  Cincinnati Sloppy Joes and chips
Dinner:  Roast with potato and Carrots


  1. Great menu. I need to start menu planning again.

  2. Thanks:) Don't be fooled though...something will happen and we'll eat out at some point..its inevitable!

  3. I've done menus in the past and started doing them again now. I keep mine in what I call my "brain" (no, not my real 1 lol my old smart phone that I no longer use ;) I would love to know though: What is bubble pizza?

  4. Me too, what is a bubble pizza never heard of it before:)

  5. Bubble pizza can be made several ways. One is using refridgerator biscuits cut up (yeah...just cut them into tiny pieces with your kitchen scissors) and drop them all over the bottom of a dish to form the pizza crust. Bake them until almost done and then take them out and put your pizza sauce and toppings on top with some cheese. When you eat it, you can tear it apart like monkey bread. I have food allergies, so can't use fridge biscuits. So I make my biscuit dough and drop several little pieces all over my pan and bake it. For a breakfast pizza I put on sausage or bacon gravy and add cheese to the kids part. You can put on scrambled eggs too (but again I have an allergy to eggs). Here's a recipe: