Sunday, April 10, 2011

What I am (trying) to Read this Week.

How to Get Your Child Off the Refrigerator and On to Learning

I had the opportunity to listen to Carol Barnier during the Heart of the Matter Online Homeschool Conference in February.  She is wonderful.  I would really compare her to Erma Bombeck.  I'll share with you when I am finished this weekend.

Here is what Amazon says about the book:

Product Description

Carol Barnier knew that her son -- more likely to be sitting on the table (or the refrigerator) than in his chair -- was worthy of high expectations. She also knew that he could easily miss achieving them if she didn't find the right key to unlock his capacity to learn. Carol found volumes of information on how to recognize the challenges in ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) children, how to manage them, how to discipline them, and how to accept them. But no one told her how to teach her son math tomorrow. In her search for solutions, she developed techniques that are not only fun for all children, but highly successful with any child who struggles with focus.
~Creative reproducible activity aids that you'll want to use right away
~A phonics program where every lesson is a quick game kids will love
~Instuctional games, manipulatives, and motions that will help you work with, no against, your child's learning style
~Math strategies that make even a workbook fun
~Many more effective, fun solutions to the daily dilemma, "How do I teach my child tomorrow?"

The only available resource for teaching a child who struggles with focus. Includes reproducible games and activity guides.

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