Friday, April 15, 2011

Our family's latest additions

So for volunteer week, we decided to help out at our local humane society.  Lydia was able to help with a parent, so we volunteered to clean the free roam cat room and play with the kitties.  And whatever else they needed.  I wasn't sure if Lydia would enjoy this....but WOW she did.  We will be adding this to our schedule every couple weeks.

 I loved Sassy cat!!!

 This is a picture of Lydia washing doggy dishes.  Need to see if I can get her to wash dishes at home!
 These are the cats we adopted....even though I went in saying no animals were coming home with us.

This is Ernie....he's fat and fluffy:)  Love him.

This is and loves attention.

We will be doing a lapbook on Cats next week to remind each other about proper Cat care.