Saturday, May 7, 2011

ABCs of Me--Just 4 Fun

A. Age: 36
B. Bed size: full--but trying to get a king
C. Chore you dislike: trying to decide the one I hate the least.....litter box or grocery shopping
D. Dogs: One a husky, Miya
E. Essential start to your day:  Prayer and checking my emails
F. Favorite color: Yellow
G. Gold or silver: Gold
H. Height: 5'2"
I. Instruments you play(ed): piano
J. Job title: Jack of All Trades...Master of none
K. Kids: 2 boys, 2 girls
L. Live: Ohio
M. Mom's name: Pam
N. Nicknames: None
O. Overnight hospital stays: 8
P. Pet peeves: Rude people
Q. Quote from a movie: "The Truth? You Can't handle the Truth."
R. Righty or lefty: Righty..but can use left if need to.
S. Siblings: 1 brother
T. Time you wake up: Usually between 5 and 6 a.m.
U. Underwear: But of course
V. Vegetables you don't like: Lima Beans (just don't like texture and taste..but we still eat them)
W. What makes you run late:  My kids!
X. X-rays you've had: Many...many...many!
Y. Yummy food you make: Hubby likes my Buffalo Chicken Pizza, I love my spaghetti sauce.
Z. Zoo animal favorites: Tigers


  1. This was a cute and creative way to tell more about yourself! Did you make up this ABCs of Me and what each letter stands for? Thanks for sharing on NOBH! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. No...sadly not the creator. I cannot find where I saw it though last week. I looked through my history in IE and still couldn't come up with it. I had saved it in a Word Document so I could save it for a future post.