Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekly Wrap up - May 1 - 7, 2011


We made a goal this week...To only Eat Take-out food once this week.  I am very proud to say that we stuck with that and went beyond it!!  Not one single trip through a fast food line!!!  We heard whining after the first day (on Monday) why we couldn't stop for a snack.  But I really made an effort (such as on Monday) to pack lunches the kids would like.  I had made plenty of extras for leftovers on that day.  I made sure that we had juice pouches and drinks in the car along with a well-stocked snack bag.  We didn't stick to our meal plan very well.  So I will carry those meals over to this week.  I really watched the snack habits of the boys since both of them are on meds that can cause them to gain weight.  It was a struggle all week, but we made it (I spent a lot of time praying for strength).  Ok...I just remembered that when Joe left the hospital today he was starving.  So while his prescription was being filled, we got him a sub from Subway.  But I definitely do not consider it fast food, not totally healthy, but not deep fried junk either. 

In PE, the boys had soccer on Monday and Joey had Equestrine team.  Brayden is really enjoying soccer.  But there isn't much longer left in spring soccer season (it's always short in the spring), and we will be doing cycling from now until the end of June.  This is also with Special Olympics, we needed somewhere because Brayden rides a bike with adapted equipment.  The girls also had soccer.  Lydia loves it and is a little rock star on the field.  They have their first games this Saturday morning.  The girls were able to play outside some this week because of some good weather between all the rain drops. 

In Math, the kids are still working with Time 4 Learning.  There has been some major issues with the ability to focus, even with such interactive software.  For Grammar they also worked with Time 4 Learning.

In Science, we worked on Weather Word lapbook from Homeschool Share.  This has been fun.  We used the weather kit in the link below to do some weather experiments.  We didn't do alot, because we are just touching the surface of subject of weather.  We were doing multiple levels this week, and I think that the boys both needed a good look at some weather conditions and this book helped with that.  We will pack up the experiments and items and do a deeper unit next March for Severe Weather Month.

**As always I provide the links from what I buy from Amazon.  This is an advertisement link that is in Blogger.  I am not trying to sell these items to you...just showing what we used.

Here we tried to make a Cloud in a Jar.  We were not really successful with this.  We tried a larger candle and a tea candle.

We built the Annenometer to see how wind speed can be measured and talked about the Beaufort Scale.

It wasn't windy outside, so we used our own hot air. 

It was rainy this afternoon and the wind picked up, so Lydia ran out and tried it.  Apparently we should have tried it outside the fence.  But the thunder and a little bit of lightening had started, so we choose to stay inside.

We also did the rainbow experiement. 

In Geography we talked about Ireland and watched another wonderful Globe Trekker DVD...that's another post though.

We also went on a field trip to the Toledo Art Museum to see the Egyptian Experience.  There is a wonderful display of artifacts from Ancient Egypt.  Joey and I actually did a brief study of Ancient Egypt for World Travelers Club last year.  We recognized alot of items that we learned about.  We got to see them and not just in pictures in a book!!!  There was also two mummies to view.  Joey actually remembered quite a bit and tried to tell the tour guide about the scarab and the tour guide was a bit overwhelmed I think, or something.  Because he sort of ignored Joey and it caused issues.  We ended up breaking away from the group because of it was causing issues not only for the kids, but distractions for the group we were with.  We'll go again this summer when we actually start that section of Story of the World.  Just go in a small group of our family this next time.  Easier to handle.

This week, we also worked on painting the garage (the first part of the week).   The house has been white with blue trim for 33 years.....well we broke from "tradition" and started painting the trim black.  This summer I will spend one day a week painting and glazing all the old windows in on our house and any other trim that needs repainted.

 The almost finished garage.

 Lydia wanted to try to ride her bike without training wheels.  Still working on it.  We are going to get her some adjustable training wheels.  You can move them up gradually until they get balance down good.

 Joey at Equestrine Team Riding.

Miss Caty decided to try and grab something after daddy had started shutting the van door.  He couldn't catch it and it slammed her arm and bounced open.  We thought it was broke...but fortunately it is not!  She is bruised and you can see the swelling on the top and bottom of her arm.  The bruise on the bottom turned a very pretty unusual purple shade...and purple is her favorite color.  She really liked that!  Chalk another one up to Extremely scary Mommy moments, because when I saw her arm I was really waiting on the top bone to break the skin....I was so nervous and scared for the little thing.  But she can use her arm fine nd playing ok.  In fact, hasn't complained all afternoon, so didn't even need to give her anymore pain meds.

Next week, let's see.  We are going to start Mountain habitats...since we are going to Tennessee soon.  Going to do some hiking while down there.  I know not a heavy mountaineous area in Nashville, but give them a bit of exposure to habitats there.  For Geography we will be visiting Malaysia (World Travelers Club is next week).  The Scholastic Warehouse book Fair is in our area, and I was asked to volunteer a shift of time helping them out.  I get to work Tuesday.  They give you books in exchange for time.  Can't wait to see what we can get.  Plus I have a coupon to go "curriculum" shopping there....Love this sale!!!!!  For Math and Grammar we will continue Time 4 Learning.  Lydia will continue with her HeadSprout.  She is making progress with this program.  She is such an easily distracted child....this is a very hard area for both of us.
We also have a volunteer shift at the Humane Society.  I'm probably missing something that needs to be done next week, but that's why there's a large whiteboard next to our calendar to make sure things get done. 

Everyone have a great week!!! 


  1. Very active week you've had... I'm so glad that you're little one's arm is not broken! It sure looks sore!
    Great improvisation with the 'hot' air ;)
    Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. wow what a week, you totally needed the weekend!! renita --- REST THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!! Man that was alot of learning too!! So sorry about babys arm! Hoping it heals soon!

  3. Great busy week! Your black trim looks nice and I'm sorry your daughter's arm is OK! Ouch! Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

  4. GREAT job on the not eating out! You'll save a lot of money not doing that! Another thing that might help is having the kids pick out a special lunchbox (especially when they start selling them on sale this summer) and pack those up for outings. Ouchie on the arm! Glad it wasn't broken! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


  5. You guys are just busy little bees! And it looks like you guys had a wonderfully full week...


  6. Thank goodness your little one's arm is not broken what a scare that was for you. We tried the cloud in a jar experiment and couldn't get it to work either:( Wish I can say we didn't eat out this week but with Girl Scouts and Boy scouts this week didn't happen:(

  7. We did break down and allow them a trip to McDonald's today after the girl's soccer game. Just trying to control calories and money both. Trying to live a bit healthier than we have been.

  8. Congratulations on cutting down your eating out! That really is a hard habit to break. Sounds like a really busy week for you all. Hope you have a relaxing Mothers Day!

  9. OOPS! I just reread my comment and realized it didn't make sense! Sorry about that! I meant to say "I'm GLAD your daughter's arm is OK!" :)