Friday, May 6, 2011

Homeschool Mother's Journal - Week 8

In my life this week…

We have been experiencing a large number of meltdowns and medication roller coasters.  One minute I am being screamed at and told not to talk to him anymore and that he doesn't love me and then an hour later he is telling me how sorry he is and he loves me.  There has been more tantrums of full out stomping and screaming this week than when both the boys were in preschool/toddler ages.  I just keep reminding myself that as they grow older, new issues will keep arising.  Lots and lots of prayer for patience and the ability to keep my voice level under control while being screamed at by children.  But the meds are starting to hurt the budget. Even with insurance co-pays we are spending more than a new van payment every month.  That's only for the boys.  I just keep praying for help everytime I sit down to look at our budget....and keep writing it in pencil!  Changes can be made so much easier that way.......

In our homeschool this week…

We have fell behind.....seriously is there ever a week we don't.  I am chalking it up to a lesson in life skills.  We were on track until yesterday when instead of teaching the kids, I had to take the car down for an appraisal after it was struck by the washer/dryer repair truck on Monday.  The car is ok except for they knocked the mirror off the passenger side of the car.  And then the hubby had carpal tunnel surgery on his right arm this morning, and we just took the afternoon off.  We'll catch up tomorrow and Sunday.  We don't have much to finish.  Just our weather unit....we did do some cool experiments.  Lydia is moving along with Phonics also.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We had med checks this week.  Soccer for the boys and the girls.  Joey had horse riding, but I couldn't get the girls to their lessons.  There was no place to schedule them.  The girls have their first soccer game this weekend.  It's still little kids soccer so short games, quarter size fields, and no goalies.  The kids just kick the ball around.  Should be fun.  Lydia is really looking forward to it.

We also went on a field trip the the Toledo Museum of Art to see the Egyptian Experience.  There are some wonderful artifacts on display including two mummies.  Since we will be studying Ancient History this fall (we will be starting Story of the World V. 1), we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity to see the mummies with a group from our homeschool group.

My favorite thing this week was…

Getting the hot tub fixed and working!!!!  The girls and I enjoyed some time in it today.  Don't worry, don't keep it at 104...turned it back to 98 just for the girls to get in and play.  By the way...DO NOT call the hot tub repair people on a hot tub that you do not own, UNTIL you read the owners manual.  For about 6 months (all winter) we thought the hot tub was broken...turns out somehow it was put into a sleep mode.  So I thought it was a broken heater, but it wasn't.  COST--$86.00....GETTTING the Owners Manual from my mom...$0.00....Enjoying the hot tub...PRICELESS!!!  (I now have the Owners Manual and plan on scanning it onto my computer and memorizing it...avoid costly future mistakes.)

What’s working/not working for us…

My obsessiveness with following schedules.  See it works and doesn't work.  It works since we have our activities to get to and balance with all the kids.  But I am still torn (because of my public school background) wondering whether or not I am providing the best education for my children when we may not finish every activity that is planned for that day.  This is something that the majority of homeschool moms feel, but I do have to say when they were able to tell daddy about rain clouds and thunderstorms one evening this week I was very proud of them!

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have…

I have seen two planners available and both highly recommended lately.  I would love any thoughts on the Old Schoolhouse Planner or the Well-trained mind planner.  It's a lot of money to spend....just in case I do not like it.  I have to admit as highly addicted I am to technology (I love to watch Laura Ingalls...but Ma Ingalls I am not...), I still love a paper planner that I can work on with my pencil and have layed out on the table with plans.  I know both offer print out options.  Please give me anything you have heard or what you have used.  Also How many of you plan out the entire next year?  Do you do that if you plan your own curriculum or do you buy curriculum that is already planned out?  I create my own and would like to make a rough guess for next school year, which starts soon for us.  I already have in mind our summer, but not past that yet.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

Sandal Season is almost here....We're Ready!

After the hot tub, the girls and I sat on the back deck and watched it start raining and painted our toe nails.  We all have new flip-flops or sandals for summer...even Mom & Dad got some today...had to get pretty toes out from icky winter boot mode.


  1. Isn't it nice that the hot tub didn't cost an arm and an leg to fix?! Looks like fun! (We have the lake...when it's warmed up! LOL) Cute piggies!


  2. I create our own curriculum - sort of. I don't really plan. I only have 2 girls, though, and we're in our first year. My 15YO will be home next year and I imagine more planning will be necessary. Right now we're waiting to see if he gets in a web academy. If not, THEN I'll start some planning!

  3. I use planner on excel.I understand about things being tight I keep u in my prayers for things to get better.

  4. Renita, so sorry about the meltdowns! Praying for you and boys!

    Hot tub looks fantastic!

    Toes looks like me and lexi because yes its sandal season!!

    Schedule -- Im OCD(honestly) and I know it hurts our homeschool however sometimes I try to just ditch the NORM and let it be!! its not going to hurt nothing!!!


  5. Ohh and I actually have the TOS planner and I will be totally honest with you - I dont use it. However in our state we dont have to keep alot of records other than the health records, attendence and annual testing.... Here is a free one that my friend uses: However I haven't ever tried it!

  6. I've heard that the TOS planner is a beast of a planner. Huge. With tons of stuff in it.

    However, I opted for the Well Planned Day (which I took a pic of to make the Homeschool Mother's Journal graphics - lol) because it's a bit more streamlined and really, really pretty.

    It's been a great planner for me this year and I'd totally recommend it if you think that's what you're looking for.

    Keep us posted on what you decide! :)