Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Wondeful Homeschool Resource..Hands of a Child!!!

Are your children tired of a standard science textbook?!?!  Do they like learning cool facts about unique animals and areas of the world?  I was ready to beat my head into a wall trying to get a touch of excitement out of the kids about science.  Then I discovered the Habitat Series from Hands of a Child.

Desert Habitats Project PackForest Habitats Project PackGrassland Habitats Project PackMountain Habitats Project Pack
Ocean Habitats Project PackPolar Habitats Project PackRainforest Habitats  Project Pack

Wow are these awesome!!!  Age/Grade levels vary and they are so easily adaptable for multi-level teaching.  I have kids in Grades 4 down to Pre-k.  I was able to easily adapt our study to them. 

Now we do not do traditional lapbooks.  I have 2 with special needs, so I actually print and help cut out all components and then I bind them in a spiral book style.  The information provided on each top is quite thorough and to be honest, we checked out tons of rain forest books to go through to "research" answers, and the answers to each component is given in each informational section.  There is some copywork provided with each of these.  Ideas for further activities and websites to seek out further research are also provided.  Click here to see our week in the Rain Forest.

When we finish this series our next purchases will be for the Animal Series.  The nice thing about Hands of a Child is if you are preferring Secular curriculum, they do offer General Science.  They also offer a Creation Science series. 

The literature series is also wonderful providing units to go with books for boys and girls.  They have a really cool princess lapbook Princesses Project Pack

that we will be starting soon.  For American Girl fans, they have a full lapbook series for all the girls.

The American Girl (1764-1864) EbookThe American Girl® (1904-1974) Ebook

I think one of my favorite options is the Ebook order.  Very easy checkout and then my book is immediately available for download.  The option is also given to you to order a printed book,spiral bound printed book, CD, or they also offer premade supplies that are cut out and ready to go
Another benefit of Hands of a Child is their $5.00 eBook special

Our kids are giving all of these TWO THUMBS UP!!!  I am giving them the same rating.  These are very much like a unit study and we are able to break down what we are learning about each day.  Each one could be done in a week, but we choose to do the rain forest unit over a two week period.  But our average time is about a week. 

  • Ages of all the products range from Prekindergarten through High School Age. 
  • Great for Multi-level learning.
  • Low pricing
  • Ebooks available with links for unlimited downloads of what you purchase.
  • Tons of information and research links made available for you in each unit.
  • Downloadable samples made available for each unit.
  • You can order custom project packs on topics...Low price and they do all the research!!!
  • Easy to use website that you can shop by topic, age or subject.

So if you want a little help, just check out Hands of a Child for a wonderful selection of educational and fun lapbooks.  You will not regret it.

**I purchased all lapbooks that I have mentioned here.  Hands of a Child did not provide any of the books at no cost.  I provide my honest opinion about these books and verbally told many about how much I love these products.  All clipart is from the Hands of a Child Website.


  1. Great review. I have went back and forth about whether or not to order some things from Hands of a Child but have never gotten around to it. I am pretty convinced that we have really missed out now. hmmm next years order is coming up... ; )

  2. We love HOAC and lapbooks!! We do not have an actually science publisher because we do lapbooks and unit studies for this! Wonderful review Renita!!

  3. Thank you so much for this review. I have been looking for something to supplement what my son is using. This would be a great asset to what we are doing. Thanks also for linking up at NOBH.